Supporting the Single Axis Chart

So I found something rudimentary online that has helped me look at this data and what it would look like in the chart itself. Now this one doesn't have everything I would want like the initial drawing that I did in my last tweet, for all that need a refresher this is what it looked... Continue Reading →

Instead of a Pie Chart

So....Friday was a break through. I have went through all of my data and found a direction for the chart. Obviously with some help from Prof. Josh and some input from you all, thank you by the way and sorry about not being able to answer last weeks posts from you guys, I promise I... Continue Reading →

Deep Dive into Data & Charts

Revised project idea (just a brief paragraph): Donald Trump’s voice has the power to shape international relations, send stock prices up — or down — and galvanize the American public. I’ve been watching how Donald Trump is using the twitter platform of unfettered communication now that he’s commander in chief and I have been intrigued... Continue Reading →

Almost There

A Little Reflection One more week and we are there...The end of my first year as a KUCD grad student. It's been an adventure. I started so unsure and just looking for some guidance and direction. What I have found is a family, a safe place that I have grown to truly love going to... Continue Reading →

Wolf Pack Style Execution

So this week I haven't made a whole lot of progress. I did however get almost all of my articles back from my editor!! Thank you Sara! So I am working on placing them into my layout. I will be at work tomorrow, no rest for the I will miss you all terribly. On... Continue Reading →

Hustlin’, Hustlin’, Hustlin

So today's quote has absolutely nothing to do with where I am at in my work, but it did make me laugh out loud, hopefully you guys did too. So this is what I have done. Logo choices--I have it narrowed to two: Personally, I think I like the all caps, matches the zine better... Continue Reading →

The Subtle Art of Color

Last week's class I started really finalizing the look and feel of my layouts. I started with my three spread Cannabis Design Article as the images that I have chosen have the most color. I have also started adding the photo credits to the images, that has proven to be a bit more of a... Continue Reading →

Serious Layout Skills

Last week I took all day at school to concentrate on my layout. I made a ton of progress. I have finalized the look and feel of my "diagonal" layout. Obviously I still have to make tweaks and add a couple more spreads but she is coming to life. I have a few articles to... Continue Reading →

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