The Final Hour, but a Recap First

It started with an idea, just a concept of what could be:

LoveLuccaDemoScreen Shot 2017-11-21 at 7.36.51 AM

Then I made a plan:

A. Video compilations will play inside of a shape with a screen overlay. Not sure how to pull that off but think I will need some sort of video mapping. This shape is a water color circle that is part of the Love Lucca brand. The compilations will be triggered to play when the conductive ink it touched. Each compilation will start with the myth that is being busted and then the video of each of the “real life” stories will play with narration.

B. Silhouettes Painted with Conductive Paint each of these silhouettes will represent the truth behind the myth ie. the first myth will be “Once a Fighting Dog Always a Fighting Dog” and then the video compilation of two different police dogs will start playing. The second myth is “But Wait, I Heard Pit Bulls Are Inherently Vicious” and the video of pit bulls playing with other dogs and kids will play. The third myth is “Doesn’t Banning Pit Bulls Make People Safer” and the video of all the pit bulls that saved lives and are service dogs and best friends will play. think this will definitely be a bulk of the work.

C. Vinyl Stickers will include Love Lucca Logo and tagline and the display name.

D. Computer Display This will house the website, would love it to be an interactive email sign up piece but not sure I have time for that and a single image of a webpage…definitely don’t have time to build that. Would love advice on how to make these pieces more interactive.

In summary this display will need a projector for playing the videos and wiring to have the conductive ink trigger the play process. I could use some help on how to make this more modular but I think the overall idea is there and I am sure that I can get these video compilations done…just have to put my premiere hat on.

The Work Began:

Making the conductive paint–the first round:
I used regular acrylic paint and added graphite (don’t recommend this unless doing a small area, very messy and lumpy paint and needs a lot of coats!)

Making the conductive paint–round two, this time I was smart and used a mixer and more graphite.


Then I made the videos using Adobe Premiere and Adobe After Effects for the watercolor effect and masking.

Myth One: Pit Bulls are Inherently Vicious Animals

Myth Two: Once a Fighting Dog Always a Fighting Dog

Myth Three: Doesn’t Banning Pit Bulls Make People Safer

Then the building of the display:

I painted each of the silhouettes on the wall with conductive paint then ran copper tape to the bottom of the display and attached wires that ran to an arduino board. That hooked up to the computer and between Arduino and Processor we hooked up the code so that when you touch the conductive paint it plays the videos.


I added a large sticker on the left for the logo and used vinyl stickers for the display title.
A short throw projector was used to project the videos onto the wall.




Then the gallery opening:


Lesson’s learned:
Don’t make your own paint when someone else has already worked out the kinks and sells it fairly cheap!

Get good footage, that really makes a difference in your videos.

Make sure your music and voice over are loud enough to drown out outside noises in a gallery setting.

Don’t be afraid to learn new programs–Love Love After Effects!! Thank you Prof. Miller.

And Finally–have fun and choose a project from your heart it is totally worth it in the end.

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