Is the Fat Lady Singing, Yet?

I am so ready for break. But I am also ready to see this project live in the gallery!

I have finished all three of my movies using premiere and after affects. I have applied the watercolor overlay in after affects just dimmed the blue a bit so the movies look better. You will have to wait and see on Friday though because they are too big to upload. I have mixed and tested making that conductive paint and thank you to Rachel here is a short video of that hot mess:

So that left me with a lumpy concoction that was not super conducive to painting so I slept on it and came up with plan b. I went down to my friends house and got a mixer!! That worked so much better but I added more paint and lost my conductivity 😦 so I have more graphite in the mail at home I will be adding and mixing and fingers crossed I have all that I need for execution on Friday. The stickers have been ordered and will be picked up on Friday so here is my tentative schedule for the rest of the week:


  • Make a big mess and get yelled at for the big mess but hopefully have conductive paint for my project by the end 🙂
  • Test out my First Project on the ipad and make sure it works, work on updating that if necessary.


  • 9am meet with Miller and get my code squared away-gather all equipment needed for display
  • 9:45 bring all equipment down to gallery area.
  • 10am go pick up my stickers from Steamworks and the Sheridan printer
  • 10:45am set up projector with life size projection of display done in AI so I know where everything is being laid out.
  • 11:00am hang stickers, sketch silhouettes
  • 12:00pm start painting
  • 3:00-4: wait for it to dry then start running cords and setting up computers and testing projections and sound.
  • If need be Saturday will be set aside to fix anything that dared not align with my plan as outlined above.

Sunday: SLEEP.

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