Bringing Lucca to Life: Myth Busters – Lucca’s Heroes

Bringing Lucca to Life: Myth Busters – Lucca’s Heroes


Screen Shot 2017-11-03 at 12.32.36 PM.png

( )


  • Someplace to house the code in order to get the desired action triggered when you touch the image/ink
  • Adafruit 12x capacitive touch shield for arduino and arduino leonardo , arduino software
  • Bare conductive ink
  • Projector and mac mini
  • Connection materials
  • Wall to paint on, prefer white wall.

Modular Components:

  • Breed Cut outs with painted Ink
  • A Wall that the cut outs could hang on and displays could project onto the wall
  • Two Ipad Podiums
    • Ipad 1 would have intro to display/project
    • Ipad 2 would have email sign up
  • Vinyl Paw Prints that would lead you to display.



  1. Use Silhouettes of Pitbulls in Different poses that may have some hint of the happily ever after story that the myth pertains to ie. pit bulls don’t get along with other dogs (haven’t decided style yet) as the main touch points:


  1. Create short animations that tell a story with animations coming and going when you touch the silhouetted images.


Myths Bustered Based on Happily Ever After Stories of Pit Bull Successes. ( )

  1. Lucca’s Heros
    1. Myth One: Once A Fighting Dog, Always A Fighting Dog?
      1. Story One- Pit Bull Fights Bad Rap to Join Police Force ( )
    2. Myth Two: Pit Bulls Can Never Be Trusted With Other Animals
      1. Story Two-
    3. Myth Three: Someone Told Me Pit Bulls Aren’t Good With Kids
      1. Story Three- , ,
    4. Myth Four: But Wait, I Heard Pit Bulls Are Inherently Vicious
      1. Story Four-
    5. Myth Five: Doesn’t Banning Pit Bulls Make People Safer?
      1. Story Five- ,
    6. Myth Six: Pit Bulls Can Never Be Trusted With Other Animals, Though
      1. Story Six- ,

Animations to Pair with Silhouettes:

Begin with the myth sliding in and explode into the story then bring up supporting animations to go along with the story.

Overall Display:

This display would be modular. It could be broken down and set up at other places, sort of a “pop-up education” display. This display would be able to be set up at Adoption Fairs, Schools, Malls, Pet Smart type Stores, any event that would support this type of display.

This display is meant to use the Love, Lucca brand to continue spreading the word about pit bulls in a better light to help end Breed Specific Legislation.



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