Instead of a Pie Chart

So….Friday was a break through. I have went through all of my data and found a direction for the chart. Obviously with some help from Prof. Josh and some input from you all, thank you by the way and sorry about not being able to answer last weeks posts from you guys, I promise I will be more on top of it this week.

Here is the breakdown:

I started with the filters in order to arrive at the correct chart choice. The variables will be broken down inside of the graph and you can turn them on and off. They will also be assigned a “percentage used” number ie. This tweet measures 90% Analytical thinking or is 99% Clout. I have a visual at the bottom of this post.

Top Row= Four Buttons

  1. Summary Variables (measured 0-100%)
    1. Clout (Y axis)
      1. Clout:Clout refers to the relative social status, confidence, or leadership that people display through their writing or talking. The higher the number the more “Clout” exuded in the statement.
    2. Analytic (Y axis)
      1. Analytical Thinking: The dimension captures the degree to which people use words that suggest formal, logical, and hierarchical thinking patterns. People low in analytical thinking tend to write and think using language that is more narrative ways, focusing on the here-and-now, and personal experiences. The higher the number the more Analytical thinking involved in the statement.
    3. Authentic (Y axis)
      1. Authentic: When people reveal themselves in an authentic or honest way, they are more personal, humble, and vulnerable. Higher the number the more Authentic the statement.
    4. Tone- This will remain a constant on the X axis.
      1. Tone: Includes both positive emotion and negative emotion dimensions. The algorithm is built so that the higher the number, the more positive the tone. Numbers below 50 suggest a more negative emotional tone.
  2. Cognitive Process (words like: cause, know, ought)
    1. Insight (Y axis)
      1. Insight: think, know
    2. Casual “Bluster” (x axis)
      1. Casual: because, effect
  3. Core Drives
    1. Power
      1. Power: superior, bully
    2. Achievement
      1. Achievement: win, success, better
  4. Affect Processes: happy, cried
    1. Positive Emotion
      1. Positive Emotion: love, nice, sweet
    2. Negative Emotion
      1. Negative Emotion: hurt, ugly, nasty

Left Side Navigation= Five Buttons

  1. Morning: 24:00hrs – 11:59hrs
  2. Evening: 12:00hrs – 23:99hrs
  3. Iphone: Corporate Monitored Device
  4. Android: Trump’s Personal Device
  5. All Devices: All platforms, personal and corporate

Drum Roll Please:


I found this chart on I am hoping that I can code it to do what I want. It has the ability to be coded in JSFiddle, which is not chartered territory but it shows me the code next to the design so I think I can. I may need to watch a tutorial or something on that beast…lol…I also have all my data in excel and will be uploading that to D2L.

So finger’s crossed.


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