Almost There

A Little Reflection

One more week and we are there…The end of my first year as a KUCD grad student. It’s been an adventure. I started so unsure and just looking for some guidance and direction. What I have found is a family, a safe place that I have grown to truly love going to every week. I have made friends that I hope to keep for a lifetime. I have found strong leaders that I have been searching for my entire career, that have helped me grow in confidence both personally and professionally. I find myself with a broad smile on my face and a feeling of immense pride whenever I hear my family telling someone I am a grad student at KU or even just passing a car that has a KU sticker. I know I have a long road to travel until I complete this program but I am ready, ready for the future.

The Good Stuff

Well I am just about done. I have had my magazine reviewed by both my editor, who is finalizing some stuff today, and my family. I am very proud of this piece and hope that review with Bosler goes well tomorrow. I am hoping to get this puppy to print on Friday! So here is the final layout:

MagazineLayout 0421MagazineLayout 04212MagazineLayout 04213MagazineLayout 7MagazineLayout 04215MagazineLayout 04216MagazineLayout 04217MagazineLayout 04218MagazineLayout 04219MagazineLayout 042110MagazineLayout 042111

The Wrap Up

I am inspired to do more, be more and look for the things in my life that are positive and be grateful that I have them. This experience has me looking to continue pushing my limits and expanding my horizons. I have tackled yet another project that I would not have been able to do without the CD program. Editorial design is fun, enlightening and incredibly useful in my professional life, who knows if I would ever change my mind and find that I like cities I would probably be designing for a magazine or running my own…let’s be real though–you can’t take a beach girl to the city, how would she get salty kisses and sandy feet?


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