Wolf Pack Style Execution

So this week I haven’t made a whole lot of progress. I did however get almost all of my articles back from my editor!! Thank you Sara! So I am working on placing them into my layout. I will be at work tomorrow, no rest for the weary…so I will miss you all terribly. On a side note–a personal success for the week–I was able to successfully launch my CSS (third time was the charm there) for work!! I drank heavily last weekend! Nothing like a little broken code for breakfast, on the regular! Anyway perseverance was key there–nothing like being thrown to the wolves, but this girl will always come out leading the pack!

Plan of Execution for Finals:

  1. Get the rest of my articles back before tomorrow.
  2. Get the link to the images for my Designathon Articles that Bosler was going to send me last week (final product images) 🙂
  3. Finish my editors letter on Saturday – Get that edited and returned Sunday night
  4. Stay late on Monday and get that formatted
  5. Send the Magazine to Bosler for Review.
  6. Hopefully get that back by Friday 5/5 (Yay Cinco De Mayo)–I train all year long for this glorious Taco and Margarita filled day!
  7. Finish the edits on Friday 5/5 and send it to the printer.
  8. 5/6-5/7 Do my presentation for finals
  9. 5/12 Deliver a flawless superwoman style presentation and then head to the beach for a weekend of beauty and bliss with my mom and celebrate another great completed semester as a KUCD Grad Student 🙂

The best laid plans deserve a back up, so yes I have given myself plenty of plan B wiggle room–hopefully I won’t need it.

So I am feeling pretty good about this project wrapping up and I do have to say if I saw it on a shelf I would totally pick it up and read it! So until next week my friends, catch you on the flip side.


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