Hustlin’, Hustlin’, Hustlin

So today’s quote has absolutely nothing to do with where I am at in my work, but it did make me laugh out loud, hopefully you guys did too. So this is what I have done.

Logo choices–I have it narrowed to two:

Screen Shot 2017-04-12 at 11.00.13 AM

Personally, I think I like the all caps, matches the zine better 🙂

Here are my spreads– remaining on my to do list: page numbers, photo credits, Letter to the editor (write and layout) and 4 articles back from the editor to put in the layout:

MagazineLayout 1-22MagazineLayout2MagazineLayout3MagazineLayout4MagazineLayout5MagazineLayout6MagazineLayout7MagazineLayout8MagazineLayout9

And of course, cover and back cover…need to DIG DEEP for inspiration. So that’s were I am at, I am feeling pretty good and ready to wrap this thing up!

What I learned from this experience so far:

  1. I still hate writing but, it is so much less daunting now 🙂 – keeping it positive.
  2. I love layout but not for 50-60hours a week
  3. I am glad I chose this project because I really could see myself as an editorial designer, I did enjoy laying out this project and am very proud of this piece and it’s clean but edgy look!
  4. I still don’t think the word “Masthead” actually conveys what it is and should be changed 🙂 – my two cents worth
  5. White space is not my enemy, white space is not my enemy, white space is not my enemy
  6. The cover is the hardest part of this project…I was on a roll and then the cover happened, I had to walk away – Lesson learned, give that a whole day and start early.
  7. I am still not convinced that page numbers are necessary 🙂
  8. I should have picked a shorter book to read and review, Love you Michael Janda but your book was looooooong, short chapters are only cool when you have like 25 not 100.

So that should summarize it. Still love blogging but I think I need to go and brainstorm a cover so this beast can be put to bed!


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