Another One Bites the Dust

This week I wrote my article on Creativity and entered the world of typography. I feel like there is so much to typefaces and type foundries that I will never stop learning. I recently started to really get acquainted with Adobe’s Type Kit which is AWESOME!! It has helped me really explore playing with typography treatments more than I ever have before and I have the inspiration of this article to thank! I also put together a rough layout for my magazine, nothing crazy but I have it organized and have put the articles that I have finished in their places and started setting up my paragraph styles and character styles. Grids and guides were also something I am working on. I am hoping to get together with Bosler to figure out how to do diagonal guidelines because I am hoping to change up how I do my layouts and tackle some more edgy stuff. Here is another article I am working on below. This is for my spotlight article on Design for Good!!

Screen Shot 2017-03-23 at 4.28.46 PM

Here is some of my inspiration that I started pulling from the internet for my layout:


Tomorrow I will be at school all day and night for class and designathon so I am hoping to get some major layout work done in between to get into good position as I feel like the midterm is here. I have 3 out of 7 articles written and one more that will be submitted this weekend so I feel like I am at a decent point, just chomping at the bit to get this layout started. Here’s hoping for a good, creative fueled Friday!


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