Process, Process, Process

As everyone knows this project has a lot of potential to be awesome. I have been battling with that because I myself have to feel awesome in order to have an awesome end result. With that being said kudos to Bosler for being an inspiring mentor & teacher and putting me on a path to success. Yesterday I met with her after class and we have solidified my approach to this semester one article at a time with a 20 page goal of this zine. After that meeting I held on to the feeling of positivity and went to sit in the same vicinity as Professor Meloney who I now dubb as my Muse and banged out my Content outline for my 2 Feature articles and my 5 Department articles, can you say WOW!! Something to say for perseverance and excellent leadership!

And since I was riding the inspiration train I decided to keep up the good work and tackle my first article! After several hours of research and some re writing and smoke breaks I believe I have something substantial that not only educates but tells a story of how to make an elusive dream a reality…I hope that I have tugged on your curiosity strings a bit there!! I emailed both the content outline and the first rough draft of my article to Bosler so finger’s crossed we have a good response 🙂

My conclusion is that this magazine will try to cover a lot of disciplines with the range of articles that are being written and then once those are written we will be tackling the layout!! Which everyone knows is my absolute favorite part of this project…hope that stays, lol. I will leave you with one image that will be featured in my magazine, because if you are like me your looking for pictures not the ramblings of a sleep deprived and stressed out Grad Student.



I will not be able to be in class next Friday so I hope all goes well and can’t wait to read about everyone else’s progress.



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