Before I went back to school I had become stagnate in my career. I loved what I was doing but wasn’t finding creativity coming to me as easily as it used to. My creative brain was almost depressed and I didn’t know how to fix it. I wasn’t ready to move into a different path as I had invested over 15 years into being a designer.

After some thought and some conversations with trusted advisors from the past and the present I decided to start looking at schools. My old academic advisor had suggested Kutztown University as an option so I set up a meeting with the CD professors and in an hour my mind was made up, I was going back to school. So here I find myself, I came back to school to not only find my creative juices again but to also grow my skill-set as a designer and a mentor for young designers. I began this path with the idea that I would like to become a professor, but as you know life throws curves and takes us down different paths over time and I now have a new outlook on my future.

I have started working with a new creative team that is set up to expand over the next few years that will allow a lot of growth potential I have not had in the past. With that being said I guess I am at a really exciting cross road in my life as I figure out what path I want to take for the future. I feel like I need to continue to work on my confidence as a designer and an expert in my field. I am really excited to be taking this class as well as teaching a workshop on one of my favorite programs in the whole world. I love to share my knowledge and am humble to have the opportunity to pass on what I have learned over the years while working with some AWESOME CD Professors!!

My goals for this semester are to become a leader, continue to grow my portfolio and learn from my fellow students as well as my professors.


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