We Tackled The Rock Wall!

So this past weekend the nieces, their mom and myself tackled the rock wall!! That was awesome! They learned so much about themselves and when they fell they laughed and went right back at it. They conquered their fear of failure almost immediately knowing that no matter what happened they were going to fail in order to achieve their greatest success and that wiped the worry away and allowed them the freedom to have fun! So here are some outtakes:

I took these images and what I learned and added my Challenge Page to the website. I still have to finish the writing for it so stay tuned! But here is the layout for review:


Here are the Home Page and About Us Page for Review Also:


I have also finalized my logo for Review:


We have tackled the leather stamping but are still finishing them up as well as the rock painting. We did do Polaroids as well here is a sampling of them, they wrote on some and I wrote on the others, so some are good and some are hard to tell what they say, we are finishing up the crafts to go with the challenge this weekend so stay tuned for those final images as well.


So that’s where we are at, still have a ton of writing to do and some patchwork, crafting and keepsake box assembling but we see light at the end of the tunnel!! Exciting!


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