Lucca’s Brand Book

This week I have been painting, typing, vectoring and skinning out. Lucca has really developed a life and I am excited to share some of her progress. After class last Friday I went upstairs and attempted to use Prof. Bosler’s typewriter to create more of a classic typed letter appearance to the “Love” part of the logo, unfortunately that did not lend itself well to being digitized in any way shape or form…lol…but given the broken fingernail I am going to show you what it looked like:





So my next adventure will probably be tackling the letterpress to see if I can get anything worthy out of that. Stay tuned.

So my next adventure, some watercolor painting. Not my strong suit so I am only showing you my cool stuff 🙂

Putting it all together, with a stand in typeface for the “love” portion of this logo, this are my top 4 choices:


I am between 1 and 3, I think I am leaning towards 1 because I want to use the watercolor circles for my color swatches. I have also begun skinning out my style guide and hope to have a  rough draft by next week for everyone to touch and feel 🙂 I am also in the midst of planning my shelter trip to take some AMAZING Photography. I love feeling like this whole project is made up of all my own creations–very cool! Here are some of my photography inspirations:

pit bull bebiendo del chorro

So much to choose from!! So here is what I am looking at for a rough beginning to my skin out, but I think I have it all under wraps…lots of work ahead, but exciting!



Here is a revised schedule, forgot to add this last night.




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