Designing Kushindwa

I have started putting together my sketches and design themes for this camp. Given the Swahili name I have leaned toward an African Theme. Here are some of the inspiration I took from the Pinterest Board I created.

I love the bold colors of Africa as well as the patterns. I am leaning towards the red, yellow and black color palette. I did a page of rough sketches for the logo. I am thinking I would like to do an iconic logo with the name typed under it in a simple, yet African inspired font. Here are some of my preliminary sketches.


I really like the TeePee with the camp fire flames and the inverted D’s I feel like this logo incorporates a lot of the elements that I want featured in this camp, including the D’s featured in the AI program that this camp will be focused around.


Also we could take this a step further and have each age group of the camp feature a different symbol in the middle of the teepee that represents their particular tribe…maybe utilizing the four elements of life, earth, air, fire and water?? Just some thoughts.

Here are some digital versions of my sketches:


Can’t wait to hear everyones feedback this Friday!! Love the direction this camp is going!!



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