Love, Lucca

During this week I took some time and started sketching, boy stretching those muscles out after a long while felt GREAT, and of course humbling at the same time…sketching used to come so much easier to me in the past. I have definitely become reliant on the instant gratification of the computer and the ability to UNDO!! Anyway I think I want to change the spelling of Luka to Lucca but I’m not sure how people will pronounce that so we may need to discuss in class tomorrow. Here are some preliminary sketches that I did this week.

Hopefully you can click on them to see them bigger, if not I will be bringing them to class with me on Friday.

Also I have thought about my mood board and I find that I am being drawn to hand lettering as I want this to feel like this brand is a personalized note from you neighborhood pittie reminding you of love, fun, laughter and all the wonderful things this breed brings to your life so I am envisioning things like this for our style guide and accents on our website and such and I am very drawn to having water color accents of paw prints in our guide.

You can see my complete mood board on Pinterest. And I continue adding to logo and color theory on this Pinterest Board.

I feel like I have a good start to how this is going to come together especially with my Mission, Vision and Values being revised as follows:


To engage the hearts, hands, and minds of the community to help Pit Bulls be seen in a better light. To move the community into action to give this breed an opportunity to be rediscovered as a loving and devoted pet. The core of this brand is to speak to the character of this dog and their capacity for affection, companionship, and friendliness.


To compassionately and responsibly create a more humane world for Pit Bulls and to end Pit Bull’s being a targeted for Breed Specific Legislation.


Give Pit Bulls a Chance. If you haven’t met a Pit Bull type of dog, go meet one.

Partner with People. Be better. Speak up. Fight Injustice.

Educate with Love. Spread the word and inspire trust through leadership with truth in research.


Create a better environment for both this breed and the communities in which they live.

Educate the general public of the true nature of these dogs in order to change their built in perceptions

To have the Pit Bull once again recognized as the All American Dog

“Change the Conversation” – engage our communities in happy and humorous conversations about the pit bull



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