I Heart Pits

I watched two Ted X’s this week while I was at work…this is really nice because I usually listen to books or music when I am working on big layout projects but this I felt brought my multi tasking to a whole new level. I have to say this is my first time watching Ted X and I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed it! The first one I listened to was Mitzi Balanos from StubbyDog.org and her Rediscover the Pit Bull movement, this was a good listen. What stole the show for me was Julie Castle’s Talk about the Vicktory Dogs that were seized from Michael Vick’s Dog Fighting Ring…WOW, if you get a chance listen to her, these dogs and how close they came to losing their second chance and how Julie and her rescue “Best Friends Animal Society” were at the forefront of creating the movement to save these dogs and not only give them a second chance but to tell 22 AMAZING stories of hope, courage and second chances. Yes I cried at work.

I have developed a rough draft of my Mission, Vision, Values and Some Goals…again rough…and I am just writing everything down for names. So here is what I have so far…still a work in progress but still progress:


To engage the hearts, hands, and minds of the community to help Pit Bulls be seen in a better light. To move the community into action and give this breed a second chance, an opportunity to be rediscovered as better than who they have been portrayed to be. The core of this brand is to speak to the character of this dog and how their capacity for forgiveness, for unconditional love, for starting over, makes us want to do better and be better people.


To compassionately and responsibly create a more humane world for Pit Bulls and to end Pit Bull’s being a targeted for Breed Specific Legislation.


  • Give Pit Bulls a Chance. If you haven’t met a Pit Bull type of dog, go meet one.
  • Partner with People. Be better. Speak up. Fight Injustice.
  • Educate with Love. Spread the word and inspire trust through leadership with truth in research.


  • Create a better environment for both this breed and the communities they live in
  • Teach People to change their perception of these dogs
  • Build a Safe and Winning Future through Community
  • “Change the Conversation” – Brighten the Light Surrounding these dogs because after all they are just dogs.

Names: ( i just kinda started a word vomit here)

  • KAI
  • Kai’s Revival
  • Kai’s Cause
  • Just Cause
  • Four Kai
  • Healing Paws
  • Gentle Giants
  • Patient Paws
  • Justice Crew
  • Amazing Bulls
  • Kais story
  • No Fear
  • Community Kai
  • Change
  • Love, Lucas (Lucas was one of the Vicktory Dogs) (Julie Castle Ted X) (I checked and this is a book;  but I did rescue a pit that I named Luka back in the day, could be Love, Luka and luka is derivitave of the greek word lykos, meaning wolf.)
  • Strength in Numbers
  • Sweet Mel (Another Vicktory Dog)
  • Together
  • Wiggles
  • Waggs
  • Puppy Butts (just cause that always make me laugh)
  • Heroes
  • Halle’s Heros
  • King Kai
  • Georgia’s Kind
  • Love, Little Red
  • Kiss Kai
  • Building Bridges
  • Call4Hope
  • Dueces
  • Take Two
  • The Possibilities
  • It’s Possible
  • Stand by Kai
  • Be the Balance

Pinterest Board: Started also, this is my favorite part!!


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