The Final Hour, but a Recap First

It started with an idea, just a concept of what could be: Then I made a plan: A. Video compilations will play inside of a shape with a screen overlay. Not sure how to pull that off but think I will need some sort of video mapping. This shape is a water color circle that is... Continue Reading →

Is the Fat Lady Singing, Yet?

I am so ready for break. But I am also ready to see this project live in the gallery! I have finished all three of my movies using premiere and after affects. I have applied the watercolor overlay in after affects just dimmed the blue a bit so the movies look better. You will have... Continue Reading →

Work in Progress

So I have 90% of the third movie complete--I just need to re-read the script and make sure the music aligns. I have purchased all of my paint-Thank you Michaels and your wonderful before noon black friday deals and a VERY patient family! Questions I have: Can we make this paint on Friday and can... Continue Reading →

Making Movies

Myth One: Pit Bulls are Inherently Vicious Animals Myth Two: Once a Fighting Dog Always a Fighting Dog So this is what I have been working on. I have two videos done, see above and I have one left to go. I still have to order my stickers and I believe my layout is good... Continue Reading →

Lucca Display

So after some deliberation and an inspiring email from Prof. Miller, I have decided instead of doing some animations I am going to do videos for my Myth Busters. The idea behind this is showing myths that are busted every day by real life pit bulls. I demonstrated that with links to videos supporting the... Continue Reading →

Chapter 2-New Beginnings

This is about project number 2. I have started researching this project and came up with some projects I love and have some sort of a rough idea on how I could execute but may need to better align with some guidance. Project Idea 1: Walking Among The Stars I have always been very intrigued... Continue Reading →

HTML, SVGS and Google Fonts

All are in place and perfectly laid out and ready for final presentation. Before it goes live here is what it will look like: Now Live: 

The End is Near

Last week I was able to get my scatter plot charts working in html. I combined them into a single webpage and you can toggle between iphone and android. I labeled the axis and was able (with Josh's help, guidance and general support) to get the tool tip working. I don't want to spoil the... Continue Reading →

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